Andrew Breitbart & The Arsenic Death of a Los Angeles Coroner’s Tech Michael Cormier

It’s a strange world – people sporadically change portals of technology each day, all while maintaining a social presence that dictates the majority of their time and space. Conspiracy theories are the newest trend. In the 1960s up until the late 2000s, most people would bring up the topic of the moon landing being fake, or if Paul Mccartney actually is Paul Mccartney. 

2019 is different, theories trend online, and web sleuths provide us with information that allows humans to make their own decisions. One particular that’s disturbing is the blatant techniques and odd coincidences associated with the modern-day conspiracy theories. Assassinations are no longer deemed acts of secrecy, and crime scenes have evolved into sloppy procedures that leave behind more evidence than of past. 

Another difference is the astounding rate of conspiracy theories that get labeled as “batshit crazy,” without a proper investigation conducted. Jeffrey Epstein, the pedophile millionaire and his suicide in a Federal Prison, is the latest that was labeled, talked about, and forgotten. Seth Rich, the 2016 DNC staffer who was gunned down in a ‘botched’ robbery, is another example. It’s a case that gained mainstream attention and caused the downfall of the same structure it was promoting, ‘the conspiracy theory.”

You certainly shouldn’t believe every statement on Reddit, but we are at a point where Youtube personalities are influencing our futures with Wikipedia-like shows. Their shows don’t investigate; they’re merely a person with no knowledge of the subject, teaching others about the subject. I’m not one of those personalities. I search for the truth. I find it. I project it.

No one will touch a conspiracy theory because of the Seth Rich debacle, and those who do are branded as propagandists or shills. The mainstream media is the reason. They don’t publish real stories anymore, and to the ones who do, God bless you, because they’re few of you left. Blacklisting a story is standard practice, and I have my own experience to speak-on.

The Breitbart Coroner book and The Breitbart Toe Tag documentary, both examine the death of a Los Angeles Coroner’s Tech named Michael Cormier. Michael worked at the Los Angeles Coroner’s Office for over nine years, and on April 20, 2012, he died from inorganic arsenic poisoning. After his death, websites linked Michael to the autopsy of the conservative journalist, Andrew Breitbart. The Los Angeles Coroner’s Office released a statement denying that Michael worked on an autopsy related to Andrew Breitbart.

I contacted Michael Cormier’s family in 2016 and found new evidence in the case that proves Michael performed an autopsy on Andrew Breitbart, and that Michael’s death is more than meets-the-eye. If you’d like to take the journey into the story of The Breitbart Coroner and The Breitbart Toe Tag, more information can be found below.

The Breitbart Toe Tag 

Article 1

Article 2

Article 3

-Press Graye

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