“John Doe” AKA Jeffrey Daniel of Aiken County South Carolina IDENTIFIED

On November 13, 1997, an unidentified suicide victim was discovered at the Super 8 Motel in Aiken, South Carolina. He had paid for only three days in the room. He paid with cash, five-dollar bills, to be exact. He traveled with no forms of identification and made a comment that he wanted to start over. 

Leading up to the victim being found, he had been admitted to Aiken Regional Hospital after a failed suicide attempt. He tried to suffocate himself with a make-shift cellophane tent and slit his wrists; he was found by a motel maid.

He submitted a fake New York address and used the names, Jeffrey Daniel and Scott Black. The social security number he gave didn’t check-out, and he claimed the birthdate of August 2, 1963. The case went unsolved until 2018.

I called the Aiken County Coroner’s Office and confirmed that NCIC Number: U-076969293 was closed. They could not provide the true name of the victim or how they solved the case due to the strict privacy laws in South Carolina concerning autopsies.




35-40 years of age.

The victim had brown eyes, long brown hair that he groomed to conceal a receding hairline. 

He had a 2 1/2″ scar located on the right cheek.

He also had a 2″ scar above the left eye and a 1″ cyst on his hip.

He was from an educated family, possibly from New York or Canada.

The victim wore a gold ring with three clear stones on his right hand, and a watch turned inward on his right wrist.



The labels were peeled off two bottles of antidepressants in his motel room. 

The Aiken County Sheriff’s Department found Kools and GPC generic cigarettes in the motel.

They also found a large bottle and several rolls of Tums in his motel room, two empty Pepsi bottles, an uneaten salad, and bottles of vodka and Kahlua.

A Super Nintendo game with two game paddles was located along with several pages of notes for video games.

The games Lufia II: Rise of the Sinistrals, Secret of Evermore, and Tecmo: Secret of the Stars were near the Nintendo.

Watertown (NY) Cyclones, Class of ’94 duffel bag was found at the motel and a T-shirt from Augusta’s Fleming Park – labeled: Eagles Snacks, Sept. ’95 runner-up and Benefit for Children

All of his clothing was pristine, and some had labels written in French.

A bar of Canadian deodorant was found. 

-Kurt Alexander

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