Investigator breathes new perspective into 2002 missing person Christopher Thompkins

He sits at a laptop, striking the keys with precision, a pug is asleep nearby, and a fan is on. Who is this man? Press Graye is a documentary filmmaker and investigative journalist for EXIT 9I, who seems to have found a wave of unknown cases with tales of injustice. Press’s next case is a bizarre missing persons case that has no new leads or evidence in the last seventeen-years.

Christopher Thompkin’s disappeared on January, 25, 2002 while on-job as a land surveyor. Christopher’s co-workers stated that he wen’t out-of-sight and never returned. Several of Christopher’s items were left-at-the-scene, including a workboot he had been wearing, and a piece of his jeans. The truth has never been told and Christopher’s family protested the Harris County Sheriff’s Department’s investigation into the case.

David Paulides from Missing 411 fame, brought Christopher Thompkin’s case into the mainstream by mentioning a short passage in his book regarding the disappearance. The theorists online instantly latched-on to “Bigfoot” and “Wild animal” attacks to explain the mysterious factors of the investigation. I asked Press Graye about his interaction into the details of Christopher.

RealCrimeOnline – Tell about the first time you read or heard about Christopher Thompkins.

Press Graye – It had to be 2015, I was listening to an old radio broadcast of Coast to Coast and it had the Missing 411 guy on there.

RealCrimeOnline – You told me that you have evidence that will prove that there’s no wild animal involved, correct?

Press Graye – Yeah. I’m sorry to burst the bubble of the bigfoot loyalists, but this case points more towards the co-workers or someone close to him than it does a wild animal.

RealCrimeOnline – Do you know who the co-workers are, and if so, why are they not suspects in the case?

Press Graye – I know their names and I’ve seen pictures, yes. I’m sure in the eyes of the law, they’re still suspected in one way or another, but I’m not going to speak further on that subject right now.

RealCrimeOnline – Are you planning a documentary or another article?

Press Graye – I hope to begin a documentary in 2020. I’m locating various statements and eyewitnesses at the moment. The third Christopher Thompkins article should be released in the next month.

RealCrimeOnline – Why Christopher? What made you research this case?

Press Graye – I started to look closely into Christopher’s case and found out immediately that the wild animal theory was not plausible and felt that it was actually harmful to the case in-terms of propaganda. It allowed the public an explanation into the disappearance while giving credit of the crime to a mythological creature. And look, I actually believe in some sort of figure like a bigfoot, or yeti, but this case is no way in hell connected to it.

You can find his investigations at the various links beneath.

Christopher Thompkins

Article 1

Article 2

-Kurt Alexander

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