The Breitbart Coroner: Episode 8 – Ed Cormier & Toxicologist Dan Anderson Discuss The Destruction of Evidence

REAL CRIME ONLINE is a docu series presented by EXIT 9.

What happened to journalist Andrew Breitbart on the night of February 29, 2012? We may never know but I investigated and filmed a docu series during the creation of my book “The Breitbart Coroner”. My research and case work is the most extensive investigation into the death of Andrew Breitbart and Los Angeles County Coroner’s Tech, Michael Cormier. I interviewed 20+ people, including eyewitnesses to the case.

The book can be found here

Episode 8 dives into Ed Cormier and his discussion with L.A. Coroner’s Toxicologist, Dan Anderson about Michael’s stomach contents being destroyed.

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